Key Players in Wills and Estate Planning

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Wills and estate planning is an essential activity that ensures your earthly belongings are in good hands after you die. A well-written will ensures that your family is financially stable as they can access your wealth. Besides, it prevents conflict over your inheritance. The following are the key players during wills and estate planning. Beneficiaries.  These are the people whom you want to inherit your property. You can include your family as well as a few close friends.

10 October 2018

Why Hire a Lawyer to Draft Your Will or Estate Documents?

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Thinking about your last wishes after your death is not necessarily a pleasant thing to do, but a responsible person will prepare a will or estate documents to ensure their wishes are known and protected after they are gone. While you can often draft your own will, it may be recommended that you have a lawyer prepare this information for you. Note why that is and how their professional services can benefit you.

11 July 2018

Is E-Conveyancing Right for You?

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When choosing a conveyancing specialist to handle the sale or purchase of a property, there are certain things that need to be clarified. Does the potential conveyancer have the necessary experience in the type of property in question? Are they a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers? What is their projected timeframe for the finalisation of the property settlement? And of course, what do they charge? There are changes afoot when it comes to these last two question.

13 April 2018

What to Ask a Potential Conveyancer

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When buying or selling any property, it's good to work with a conveyancer. This person is specially trained and licensed in the industry of real estate sales, and can help make this process easier on you in a number of ways. Using a conveyancer can also mean not missing deadlines or overlooking any of your rights and responsibilities throughout the selling and purchasing process. When you're looking to hire a conveyancer, note a few questions you might ask them, to ensure you're choosing the best professional for the job.

1 March 2018

Estate Planning for a Blended Family

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Distributing your estate is a complicated process which involves balancing your wishes with those of your family. Many of the Australian laws that regulate estate planning are outdated. That means that if you have separated from or divorced your first spouse and moved on to start a new family, estate planning can be difficult. Seeking advice from wills and estate lawyers is very important for blended families, as many of the dispositions you wish to make can become more difficult due to your first marriage.

20 December 2017

Why Simplicity Is Far From Ideal When Creating Your Last Will

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In reality, there is no such thing as a "straightforward" last will and testament. After all, the individual affairs of a dying person can be complicated by so many different factors, and they will invariably have a variety of different asset categories that can be affected by a number of different pieces of legislation. The situation becomes even more complex should the individual in question have been previously married but separated and where children are involved in this scenario.

17 November 2017

What You Need To Know About Court-Made Family Violence Intervention Orders

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Many people across Australia silently endure being subjected to violence perpetrated by a family member simply because they feel helpless or don't know what they can do about the issue. A court-issued family violence intervention order, also called a domestic violence order, is meant to protect victims of family violence from their abusers. The order basically comprises a set of conditions that must not be broken by the accused party in order to ensure protection of the affected family member.

9 October 2017

Debt Collection: Crucial Guidelines on Making Collection Calls

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Credit is valuable in business because it separates the pleasure of purchase from the pain of payment. Therefore, if you provide this option to your customers, you will increase your total sales. Consequently, you will build more revenue than you would if credit was not available to your clients. On the other hand, customers can fail to pay for the procured goods and services in time. The accumulated debt can translate into cash flow problems for your business.

5 September 2017

2 Things That Can Hurt Your Child Custody Case

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In child custody cases, the judge determines who will get custody of a child based upon what they consider to be best for the child. Generally speaking, parents found guilty of child abuse and neglect are deemed unfit to be given custody rights over their child. If you are recently divorced or separated from your ex-partner and want to fight for custody of your child, being guilty of the following forms of child abuse and neglect can really hurt your case in court.

17 August 2017

Ways for Spouses to Avoid a Disruptive Divorce

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The relationship between a husband and wife could get complicated at some point in their lives. While family lawyers will advise partners to do everything they can to avoid divorce, the good memories of some relationships can only be salvaged by divorce. That is not to say that divorces shouldn't be nasty. With proper understanding and willingness by both parties concerning the situation at hand, divorces can be made as civil as possible.

20 July 2017